unparalleled artificial intelligence technology

Our platform provides a complete advertising solution that begins with design to setup and management to optimisation. It is the only service in Asia that combines design, marketing and technology into one platform. It is able to do all of this with the use of state-of-the art machine learning technology. Couple that with professional grade design and it becomes truly a one-of-a-kind platform for businesses.

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determines the best types of designs to use for your ads

With the use of historical data, the platform is able to determine the best types of graphics to use for you particular ads. This helps our design team deliver stunning creatives for your campaign that work.

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recommends ad copy that really speaks to your customers

Our algorithm suggests the best ad copy to use along with the graphics on your ads. It is able to do this in both English and Chinese.

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sets effective and accurate targeting for your ads

The artificial intelligence engine is able to set accurate targets for your campaign based on your objectives and what it knows about your business.

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automatically adjusts your budgets for you

Our technology actively manages your campaigns and is able to instantaneously optimise and adjust your budgets across your ads to mitigate unnecessary spend on ads that don’t work.

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